Draco Arkensaw (formerly known as "Brainbox2001") is a traitor to the Order.  He was charged with treason in early November, 2015 after a leadership dispute over the town of "Forte" (modern day "Zenvarrik").  He can be found today with the username "_CrimsionShadow_"


Draco was recruited into the Order around mid September, 2015 along with Mirukai and Jacob_16.  The three make up the founders of modern "Zenvarrik".  He had achieved the rank of "Governor Adviser" (2iC of Zenvarrik) and was extremely trusted and liked by the "High Council".  He was apart of the newly formed "Lambda Corps".  Now days, Draco is an enemy to the Order and is often times found attempting to troll, harass, or attack members of the Order.


Draco typically acts like a child and is not taken seriously by the Order.  Most members of the Order simply laugh at his attempts to "kill" the Order.  On 1/23/16, Marthror meet with Draco in a call in hopes to talk out the ongoing feud with civility.  Instead of a civil discussion between two mature parties, Draco and another member made ignorant remarks such as "Nazi" or "Hitler" in an attempt to get a reaction out of him.  It is presumed that Draco does this because he finds it fun or funny to do so. He has known to feign respect and maturity to attempt at getting people on his side.